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Who we are

Data Center of the Future!

Our Promise:

In short, Terra Hosting is the world’s first community driven datacenter. Compared to the data center world, we are the small fish in a big pond. Like most tangible items, data and electric become cheaper at scale. As our infrastructure grows and our operational prices come down, those savings are passed down to our clients.

Our Mission:

To provide our clients with affordable and compelling hosting services for PoW and PoS cryptocurrency equipment, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Additionally we strive to provide clients with top tier data storage solutions for colocations, ip routing, game servers, and much more. Beyond the technology and product offerings we have, Terra will bring a level of client relationship building and interaction that is unmatched within our market.



Our Philosophy:

The Terra Team is a strong advocate for decentralization. AWS, Azure, Hetzner, and others have come to dominate the data center world. Major providers have immense pressure politically to keep an eye on blockchain related operations within their data centers. At the drop of a hat, lawmakers can push these companies to reject VM’s for PoS application off their networks.