About Terra Hosting

About Terra 

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Data Center of the Future!

Our Promise

In essence, Terra Hosting is the world’s first community-driven data center for crypto mining and node hosting. While we may be a small fish in the large data center industry, we understand that data and electricity costs decrease with scale. As our infrastructure expands and operational costs drop, we pass these savings on to our clients. In our first 2 years of operation, we have decreased out energy costs to clients by nearly 50% keeping our promise.

Our Mission

At Terra Hosting, our mission is to become the world’s largest hosting facility, renowned for our unparalleled transparency and exceptional customer support available 24/7. We are committed to providing a reliable and open operation where clients can trust our processes and see the value in our services. While we acknowledge that we are not perfect, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to learn and enhance our offerings, ensuring that our clients always receive the best possible experience in crypto mining and node hosting.

Our Philosophy

The Terra Team is a staunch advocate for decentralization. While AWS, Azure, Hetzner, and other major providers dominate the data center industry, they face significant political pressure to monitor blockchain-related operations within their facilities. This allows lawmakers to easily compel these companies to remove blockchain applications from their networks. Terra Hosting aims to provide healthy competition, keeping consumers’ interests at the forefront. We advocate for internet freedom but will not hesitate to remove anyone using our systems for illicit or illegal activities.